Quality You Can Measure
A Simple Principle
Quality software does not happen by accident. Of course all developers test their code. However, not all developers (or project teams) take a Quality First approach to a project. Our quality driven approach, coupled with our proven Open Source Development Framework helps to mitigate the risk of losing a key team member, minimize unforeseen problems with technology, and addresses the complexities of your riskiest features by tackling them first.
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Team Oriented
We work with your team, acting as a mentor...
Result Oriented
We measure projects using proven quality metrics...
Proven Success
Developed at the world's largest research institute...
Our tools will get you started quickly without frustration.
Our experience will save you money and improve your customer satisfaction.
No Defects. No Worries. No Problems.
Get peace of mind. We are so confident in our tools and practices that we will guarantee our results. We will expeditiously fix any defect in our software up to three months after you put your system into production for no additional cost.